1. What's the difference between FREE, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE plan?

    You can find three separate apps on the Liferay's marketplace. Each represents it's own payment plan. Free edition has a lot of nice features and it's completely free. The free edition is a separate portlet called lims. Business and Enterprise editions are the same portlet called lims-muc. The only difference is that the Business edition is limited by the number of concurrently logged users and doesn't include support and maintenance.

  2. Is the source code available?

    Free edition is an opensource available on Github. Business and Enterprise edition is a proprietary software and source code is not available. However, if you want to add some extra features that are reasonable we might implement them for you based on our agreement.

  3. What is an Instance Unit?

    An Instance Unit is a unit of measure used to define pricing for certain Liferay Marketplace apps. An Instance Unit refers to a single installation of the Liferay Portal, which corresponds to one (1) Liferay Portal .WAR file.

  4. What is the difference between a Standard and Developer License?

    Standard licenses are intended for server environments with unlimited concurrent user connections. Developer Licenses are limited to 10 unique IP addresses, and therefore, should not be used for full-scale production deployments.

  5. What does Subscription Service offer?

    Subscriptions services include support, maintenance and updates. Furthermore, first year of support and maintenance is already included in the price. After the year you will still receive the updates but if you want the support and maintenance you will need to renew the subscription services.

  6. What payment forms are accepted for the purchase?

    Marketplace apps can be purchased with a credit card via Paypal or you can request an invoice to be sent to a billing email address that you designate. For invoice request transactions, purchased apps will be available for download after payment is received.

  7. Is the app fully tested?

    Each release of LIMS is tested on Liferay 6.1, 6.2 GA2 and 6.2 GA3 running on Postgres, MySQL and MSSQL. The interface is tested on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11 running on OSX Yosemite, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
    Even though there is a big emphasis on the overall product quality some issues may occur because of the variety of environments where the Liferay can be ran. However, when such issue occurs a new bugfix version is promptly released.

  8. I installed the 30-Day Trial version but the app didn't appear

    It is possible that you installed the trial version on your local machine. The 30-Day trial version can only be installed on the machine with public IP. For more info visit the Troubleshooting section of the Getting Started tutorial.

  9. Can LIMS be connected to Jabber server?

    Yes, since v1.1.0 you can connect LIMS to your own Jabber server like Openfire. This feature is available in the Business and Enterprise edition only. Visit Jabber tutorial for more info.

  10. Can I use LIMS in Liferay Social Office instead of Chat Portlet?

    Sure, simply follow the Social Office tutorial.

  11. Can I change LIMS default settings?

    Yes you can. Check the administrator settings page for more info.

  12. I'm getting "Reject serveResource for http://... on 1_WAR_limsportlet" error

    Note that this issue is only related to the Free edition prior v1.2.1 and Business/Enterprise edition prior v1.1.0
    LIMS uses ajax calls for the communication with server. To enable such communication you need to register LIMS portlet in portal's white list.