Admin Settings

LIMS was built with an emphasis on the customization. Administrator can tweak a variety of properties like the contact list strategy, list of sites where you don't want the LIMS to appear, number of contacts, etc.

The admin area is visible only to omni administrators. If you are an omni administrator you can open it by clicking on the open button. All the settings are stored in the Portlet Preferences in Liferay. Note that if you remove the portlet all the settings set via the admin area panel will be deleted.

The file customization remains for the sake of backward compatibility and because some of the settings cannot be changed via the admin panel. If you update to the newer version all the settings are taken directly from the file. If you want to override default settings located in the file open the /docroot/WEB-INF/classes folder and create file where you specify the properties you want to override.

You can define the source of settings by changing the properties.source property in the file.


Note: If you are setting the values via the file you need to restart the server or redeploy the portlet to make the changes to take effect

The properties available in LIMS Free are marked with the F badge. The properties available in LIMS Business are marked with the B badge. The properties available in LIMS Enterprise are marked with the E badge. The properties that can be set via the admin area panel are marked with the Panel badge and those that can be set via the file are marked with the File badge.

Value Type Default Availability Source Description
Example: version = v1.0.0 Free
string   FBE File Specifies the portlet version.

Note: Do note modify the property. It has its own internal use.

Example: properties.source = preferences
string [properties|preferences] preferences FBE File Specifies the source of properties. There are two possible values: preferences and properties. If set to preferences all properties are set via the admin area panel. If set to properties the admin area is hidden and properties are read from the file.
Example: excluded.sites = My Site Name
strings delimited by comma   FBE FilePanel In admin panel, the value can be set in the excluded sites section. Simply write the name of the site (the name is case sensitive) where you don't want the LIMS to appear and press enter. This is especially useful when you don't want the LIMS to appear on your company's portfolio site but you want it on other sites. When using properties file, specify a list of comma delimited site names where the portlet shouldn't be displayed.

Note: Administrator will always see the portlet everywhere even on the excluded sites

Note: Portlet is never display in the Control Panel
Example: = 2,12
integers separated by comma 2,12 FBE FilePanel In admin panel, click on the desired button in the buddy list strategy area. When using properties file, specify a list of comma delimited values of allowed social relation types. This property will only be used if the property buddy.list.strategy is set to sites,social or social and the buddy.list.source property is set to liferay.
Valid bidirectional are:
  • 12 for "TYPE_BI_CONNECTION",
  • 1 for "TYPE_BI_COWORKER",
  • 2 for "TYPE_BI_FRIEND",
  • 4 for "TYPE_BI_SIBLING"
taken from
Example: buddy.list.max.buddies = 200
integer 200 FBE File Defines a number of contacts displayed in the contacts list.
Example: = 10
integer 10 FBE File Maximal count of search results displayed in the contacts search panel.
Example: buddy.list.strategy = sites,social
string: [all|sites|social|sites,social] all FBE FilePanel Specifies the strategy to generate the list of buddies available in the chat list. The value of all will include all users in a portal instance. Note that only the users that have logged into the system in the past will be included. The value of sites will include all users that belong to sites that a user also belongs to. The value of social will include all users based on the user's social relations and the allowed social relation types defined in the property The value of sites,social will include a combined list of users from the values of sites and social.
Example: = guest,my site
strings delimited by comma   FBE FilePanel Specify a list of comma delimited site names that are excluded from determining a user's list of buddies. This property is only used if the property buddy.list.strategy is set to sites. Note that the list is case sensitive. In other words, friends and Friends are two different sites
Example: buddy.list.ignore.deactivated.user = true
boolean [true|false] true FBE FilePanel If set to true users that have been deactivated will not be listed in the contacts list
Example: connection.lost.threshold = 2
integer 2 BE File When the user loses connection with the server he/she is automatically disconnected after the certain amount of time. The connection.lost.threshold value represents a number of minutes that the server waits until the user is officially disconnected and thus set to offline. If the value is set to 0 the system never disconnects the user automatically. User is disconnected only if he/she looses the session or when he/she explicitly logs out.
Example: conversation.list.max.messages = 100
integer 100/10 FBE FilePanel There is a small difference between the Free and Business/Enterprise edition here. In Free edition, the value represents the count of messages that is displayed in the conversation. Since the Free edition doesn't have the message history function the value generally represent the size of the history. However, Business/Enterprise edition has the message history function. Thanks to this you can always load more messages from the past by scrolling to top. The conversation.list.max.messages value thus represents the number of messages that are pulled from the history whenever you scroll to top.
Example: conversation.feed.max.conversations = 100
integer 7 BE File The size of a single page of conversations loaded from the server in the conversation feed. If there are more conversations than the size of the page and user scrolls to the bottom of the conversations feed another page is loaded from the server. Thus there is no need to keep this value high.
Example: polling.slow.down.threshold = 1000
integer 1000 BE File The maximal request duration in milliseconds when the server starts sending X-Slow-Down header to notify clients about overwhelmed server. In other words if any request takes more than e.g. 1000ms the server sends the X-Slow-Down request.
string   BE File Help resource URL
string   FBE File URL for the unsupported browser message
boolean [true|false] false FBE File If set to true a testing error mode is turned on. Random errors will appear.

Important: This is strictly for the testing purposes. Never set to true in the production environment!