BUSINESS / ENTERPRISE v1.2.1 Release Notes

This is a bugfix update. It mainly fixes the issue with the exception which is thrown when the conversation contains participants that were deleted from the portal.

Exception thrown by the deleted participants in conversation fixed

If you permanently deleted the user from Liferay (not just deactivated) and he/she already participated in some conversations you may notice the following exception in log:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
        at com.marcelmika.limsmuc.portal.localization.ConversationLocalizationUtil.generateBuddyTitleName(
        at com.marcelmika.limsmuc.portal.localization.ConversationLocalizationUtil.generateMUCTitle(
        at com.marcelmika.limsmuc.portal.localization.ConversationLocalizationUtil.localizeConversation(
        at com.marcelmika.limsmuc.portal.localization.ConversationLocalizationUtil.localizeConversation(

The issue is now fixed. Furthermore, if the user is deleted from the Liferay he/she no longer appears in the conversation title or a list of participants but the messages are kept in the conversation for the history purposes. The deleted user is then marked as "(Unknown User)":

Issue with escapeXml function in fn library fixed

If you are running Liferay on Web Logic server from Oracle you may experienced the following exception:

The function "escapeXml" for prefix "fn" can not be found in the specified tag library.

The issue was caused by the wrong order of library imports which is fine in e.g. Tomcat but causes troubles in Web Logic.

Long user name breaks message bubble fixed

In the previous versions if the user name was to long it breaks the message bubble:

This issue is fixed now:

Broken close button on session expired notification in Social Office fixed

If the session expired when the user is in the social office the notification button has weird css:

Position of remove button in admin area tokens fixed

The remove (X) button is now centered: