BUSINESS / ENTERPRISE v1.2.0 Release Notes

This update lets you communicate with LIMS via the IPC channel. It allows you to open conversation or read user presence from your own portlet.
Furthermore, portlet preferences were moved to portal wide scope which will clear your previous settings if you are using admin area. Last but not least some bugs were fixed too.

Backup your settings from the Admin Area before you update to the latest version of LIMS

Portal wide portlet preferences changed

Some users experienced issues with Admin Area. Particularly, all the preferences were gone if they redeployed the portlet or when they simply restarted the server. This was caused by the wrong Portlet Preferences scope. Liferay was simply creating more preferences then it should:

The issue was fixed by setting the preferences-company-wide to true in liferay-portlet.xml file. However, if you update to the latest version of LIMS your previous settings will be cleared.

Ignore default user option removed from the preferences changed

This options was no longer needed. Default user is an alias for the user that is currently not logged in. However, LIMS works for logged users only. Thus this option should always be true.


IPC - Inter Portlet Communication added

You can now seamlessly communicate with LIMS from your own portlet. Check the IPC tutorial or read it on the Liferay blog.

Message bubbles for better readability added

Message bubbles were introduced. They should increase the readability of messages. Incoming messages are grey, sent messages are blue.

Screen names of users added as a titles to their full names added

Sometimes two users may have the same full name. To distinguish between them hover over their full name (e.g. in the contact list). You should see their screen name together with their full name.

Session expired notification added

In the previous releases if the user lost the session LIMS disappeared. This is a correct behaviour. However, users were confused and reported that as a bug. Since this release a small notification appears so the users can notice what caused the portlet to disappear.

Info bubbles in admin area added

If you don't know what the particular settings in Admin Area do simply hover over the (i) sign and an info bubble will appear.

Null values ignored in JSON improved

In the previous versions all the JSON properties were serialized and sent to browser even though they were explicitly set to null. Since this release all the null values are ignored. This will speed the communication between browser and server and decrease the traffic.

Better font rendering improved

Because of the wrong font rendering in Google Chrome some texts weren't readable, especially white texts on black background. Since this release all text should be well readable across all major browsers.

Issue with avatar not displaying fixed

If you are running Liferay 6.2 EE SP8 or Liferay 6.2 CE GA3 and LIMS MUC v1.1.0 you can experience issues with user avatar. Event though the user has his own custom avatar only the default grey avatar is displayed. This is caused by the extra image token introduced in the latest versions of Liferay. Since this release the avatar issue is fixed.

Issue with SQL exception in MySQL fixed

If your database doesn't accept case insensitive table names you will get the Unknown column 'Limsmuc_conversation.updatedAt' in 'order clause' exception cause by the wrong table name in participant.xml file. Since this release the issue is fixed.