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License Options

The license options are strictly in the hand of Liferay. If you didn't find the information you were looking for or you situation is a bit more complicated please visit the Liferay Contact Center available at:

The detailed info about the Liferay Marketplace is available here:

Instance Unit

An Instance Unit is a unit of measure used to define pricing for certain Liferay Marketplace apps. An Instance Unit refers to a single installation of the Liferay Portal, which corresponds to one (1) Liferay Portal .WAR file. Thus if you have multiple instances of Liferay you will need to buy appropriate number of LIMS MUC licenses. However, you will get 40% discount for every second license you buy.

Example: You have 4 instance units of Liferay Portal. You thus need 4 LIMS MUC licenses. The price will be a sum of €990 + €590 + €990 + €590 = €3160

Please, keep in mind that the discount is applied only if you buy the licenses as a whole. If you for example buy one license and in the future you want to buy another one the discount will not be applicable.

Standard vs. Developer License

There are two types of licenses offered: standard and developer licenses. Standard licenses are intended for production server environments. Developer licenses are limited to 10 unique IP addresses, and therefore, should not be used for full-scale production deployments.

Subscription Services

Subscriptions services include support, maintenance and updates. Furthermore, first year of support and maintenance is already included in the price. After the year you will still receive the updates but if you want the support and maintenance you will need to renew the subscription services.