Best for your business.

90€ for standard license, per instance unit,
up to 100 logged users

Upgrade your whole team to business class.


Buy license on Marketplace

As a first step visit Liferay Marketplace and buy a license that suits you the most. You can choose between the Trial, Developer and Standard license. Each license belongs to a particular Instance Unit.

Instance Unit

An Instance Unit is a unit of measure used to define pricing for certain Liferay Marketplace apps. An Instance Unit refers to a single installation of the Liferay Portal, which corresponds to one (1) Liferay Portal .WAR file.

Standard vs. Developer License

There are two types of licenses offered: standard and developer licenses. Standard licenses are intended for production server environments. Developer licenses are limited to 10 unique IP addresses, and therefore, should not be used for full-scale production deployments.


Install LIMS to your portal

There are two ways to install an app to Liferay Portal: via the Control Panel on your local portal installation and through the Marketplace on

Installation through the Control Panel

This is the easiest and most efficent way to deploy apps to Liferay Portal. Using the Marketplace menu items in the Control Panel, you can search for, purchase/download, and hot-deploy apps directly to your local Liferay installation. Utilizing the Control Panel to manage your apps will also allow you receive update notifications and easily apply updates.

Installation through

Using to download apps is especially useful in situations where you do not wish to deploy the app directly to your production environment, or in cases where the target Liferay installation is behind a corporate firewall or otherwise does not have direct online access to the Marketplace. You can browse for and purchase apps through and then use your App Manager to download them. The downloaded file can then be hot-deployed to Liferay by copying it to Liferay's hot deploy directory.

If you are trying to install the Marketplace portlet or any other Marketplace app in a controlled environment with restricted Internet and/or database access, you can find detailed instructions in the Liferay User Guide.