Group Chat

LIMS is currently the only messenger on Liferay Marketplace that supports group chat.

Colorful Avatars

You haven't changed your avatar yet? No worries, LIMS will assign you a color with your initials.

List of Conversations

Browse all conversations where you participated.
Layered avatars indicate multi user chats.

Message History

Your buddy sent you an important message in the past? Simply scroll up to read it.

Grouping of Contacts

Group contacts by sites, social connections, user groups, jabber roster or just show all users in portal.

Create Conversation Panel

Start the conversation from the Conversations Panel by listing participants and clicking done.

Add/Leave Conversation

You don't want to participate in the conversation? Don't worry, you can leave it whenever you want.


Observe user's current presence. Check if the user is online, busy, unavailable or offline.

Admin Area Setup Panel

Customize your settings via the user friendly Admin Area Settings Panel.

Incoming Message Notification

It's important to recognize incoming messages. LIMS will always notify you about them.

Contacts Search

LIMS allows you to easily search the contact you are currently looking for.

IPC Inter Portlet Communication

Seamlessly communicate with LIMS from your own portlet. Create conversations or read user presence.

Resend Message on Error

The internet is down? Don't worry, LIMS will let you resend the message if it failed.

Send Messages to Offline Users

Your buddy is offline? Never mind, send him a message and he'll read it afterwards.